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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to the services offered that we, HortiLeads v.o.f., offer you. Starting from the moment that you make use of our services, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions and subsequently conclude an agreement. To reflect the fact that our services are subject to immediate change, this agreement is also subject to change at set times. The most recent agreement will always apply.

Our services

Through our service, you will be able to read professional information in various forms digitally. These publications are provided to our readers not only in the form of individual articles, but also in other forms. You can search our platform for professional information, click on articles and read them. A portion of our services is offered free of charge, but we do ask a contribution for specific premium articles, downloads and entire editions. We reserve the right to remove media; please note that you cannot derive any rights from this. Additionally, we can terminate a registration on our portal should this be in conflict with our terms and conditions or the applicable legislation.

Create an account

Visitors wishing to make optimum use of our services are invited to create an account. For this purpose, we ask you to register your name and email address. Subsequently, you will become a personal account holder, and be issued a user name and password. It is not permitted for an entity operating under a specific name to hold more than one account. Please be careful with your personal details; never make these available to third parties. If you suspect that your account is being violated in any way, send an e-mail immediately to: info@hortinext.com.


You can close your account and unsubscribe from our services at all times. To do so, simply send an e-mail to info@hortinext.com and we will close your account.


Various payment methods are available for the premium content on our portal. You can make payments for the various products via iDeal, PayPal or your credit card. However, a simpler and less expensive alternative is to create a HortiNext Wallet: an ‘online wallet’. The amount in this wallet can be increased by increments of €10 up to and including €100. Our payment service provider Adyen BV processes these payments on behalf of van HortiLeads. The balance can be used to purchase paid, premium content. Please note that remaining account balances will only be repaid subject to exceptional circumstances. In such a situation, the remaining amount of the purchased amount in your wallet will be returned. Please understand that we are obliged to pay any balance already used to the editors in question.


We treat all personal details with strict confidentiality. You can read more about this in our privacy statement. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact info@hortinext.com.


The use of our services at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by you arising from the use of our services.

Intellectual property rights

The content of all the articles and professional information offered via our services is protected by intellectual property rights. It is not permitted to divulge any portion of our service to the general public, nor to reproduce or otherwise use this information for commercial purposes. The service is available strictly on a personal and non-commercial basis for use in your own reading environment.

Complaints and disputes

If you have any complaints, we will be happy to hear them. Send your complaint to info@hortinext.com and we will respond as soon as possible. Dutch Law shall be applicable to this agreement. Any disputes shall be referred to the competent court in Rotterdam.