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About us

HortiNext.com offers in-depth information, opinions and news about innovations and practices in Dutch greenhouse horticulture. HortiNext is the leading platform for growers, entrepreneurs and horticulture professionals.

HortiNext is a dual-language platform for parties offering content related to horticulture. These parties include magazines such as Vakblad Onder Glas, In Greenhouses and HortiLeads, the initiator of HortiNext.

The editorial focus of the platform is on horticulture innovations and cultivation practices and is directed at growers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of greenhouse horticulture. HortiNext aims to offer all valuable information on this field on a single user-friendly and mobile platform.


A large portion of the content published on HortiNext is provided entirely free of charge, but a subscription is required to access premium articles. A full-year subscription costs € 60 (excl. VAT), but monthly or even weekly variants are also available. Subscriptions can be taken out conveniently online via the HortiNext webshop.


HortiNext offers publishing houses and other organisations that publish information for horticulture professionals a possibility to offer this to a broad audience of Dutch and international growers, entrepreneurs and professionals in the field.

HortiNext’s content partners currently include:
• Vakblad Onder Glas
• In Greenhouses Magazine
• Exportmagazine.nl
• Certis Europe
• HortiLeads, agency for content marketing in horticulture.

If you would like to become one of our content partners, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to Rob van Mil at rob@hortileads.nl or on +31(06) 5468 1144 or to Wouter van Esch of Vakblad Onder Glas: e-mail wouter@onderglas.nl, mobile phone: +31(06) 16 47 69 98.


In addition to publishing valuable content HortiNext offers companies and organisations various other possibilities to put their enterprises in the spotlight.

The most significant among these are:
Supplier profile
Sponsored content
• Sponsored links
• Banners
• E-letters

If you have any questions about the commercial possibilities or would like to be sent our media kit, don’t hesitate to contact Rob van Mil of HortiLeads at rob@hortileads.nl or on +31(06) 54 68 11 44, or Wouter van Esch of Vakblad Onder Glas at wouter@onderglas.nl or on +31(06) 16 47 69 98.